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Active Turtle - Client Feedback

Eleanor Beath - January 1, 2017
Hi Jasmine, You are often on my mind.I've missed your classes. Last summer while in Vancouver, I found a few classes and here in HH, I am a regular at Jiva Yoga, however, none has topped your classes -- I mean that. Your classes promote strength, endurance, a sense of community and a light heart. See you in the Spring.

Deb B - October 7, 2015
Hi Jazz. Regardless of how you feel when you get up in the morning on any given day, you put 100% effort into your classes and I appreciate that. I also love that you tell us why we are doing the pose and which organ, muscle or joint it benefits. You have the right blend of physicality and spirituality. Please put my name on the list for next Wednesday. Thanks

Carol Price - July 29, 2015
The cost to rent a car for one month in Muskoka $800.00 Having a car to go to Yoga on the dock with Jasmine PRICELESS Carol, Austin Texas

Naomi Knight - May 26, 2015
I've found that Emily Roberts is listed on your website as an instructor, and wanted to pass on my feedback to be posted on the site and wherever else we can express our glowing reviews. She did a yoga session for us for our friend's bachelorette party in Muskoka on the weekend and we were very, very happy: Emily was a fantastic instructor, and a bright positive person to be around. I've never before had the feeling I had after one hour of yoga with Emily, and it was the only yoga class I've taken that I've truly felt in my muscles and in my uplifted mood the next day. Emily had a great balanced way of instructing that made it simple to follow and enjoyable. My group of friends agree, Emily was amazing - she's inspired us to keep up the yoga! Thanks Emily :) Naomi

Sarah Scott - March 10, 2015
Jasmine is so upbeat it is fun

Erin Vickers - March 6, 2015
Thanks Jas! I really had a lot of fun!! You are a wonderful teacher, so much positive energy. Thanks for making me a stronger more positive women. (Zumba and Yoga client from Bala)

Karen Hill - March 5, 2015
Enjoyed my first yoga class on the beach. Jaz was amazing! Karen from Michigan

Kit - March 4, 2015
Jazz is a wonderful teacher - there are many levels to her instruction and I thought: how did she become so wise and serene at such a young age?

Cheryl Wright - March 3, 2015
Love seeing Mom looking happy and healthy. She is the healthiest she has been in years, a large part because of her participation in Active Turtle classes.

Sarah and Pauline - December 8, 2014
Imagine doing a sun salutation facing the ocean with the warmth of the sun increasing on your cheeks as the sun rises in the distance. Now imagine facing a beautiful sunset. Beach yoga is something worth experiencing - you find your body melting into the poses. Participating in Jasmine's first Yoga Retreat in Mexico was a great experience. Our group covered at least a 30 year age spread, included males and females, and individuals with no yoga experience to quite a bit of experience. I never imagined myself doing something like this, but with Jasmine's great organizational skills and attention to detail, I left the planning to her and thoroughly enjoyed a mental break. Your mind and body will thank you during and after this trip.

Tania - May 8, 2014
Recently moved away from Muskoka: And don't worry Jasmine ActiveTurtle Muskoka - I'm in contact with the only yogi who teaches Kundalini in Peterborough! (And boy do I miss your classes!!!)

Gail Bentley - March 27, 2014
Well Jasmine-Mike and I are attending the Yoga in a chair-doesn't take any prompting from me to get Mike to want and to go to YOUR class. You step it up each week and keep it interesting always. Always feel welcomed and there is never an issue about feeling challenged-you make us feel like we are capable of doing anything.

Jennifer Meyskens- Kavanagh - January 26, 2014
Thanks Jasmine for a really great and informative workshop on Kundalini yoga! I learned so much!

Tour de Bleu - August 12, 2013
Hi Jasmine, Thank you and Active Yoga for arranging for Emily to teach Yoga on Saturday. I wanted to provide you with positive feedback from our group who really enjoyed the class. In fact, we would all like for Emily to return next year as the instructor if she is available! Thanks,

Hatchets Rowing Centre - June 28, 2013
Hatchets Rowing Centre wrote: "We had our first yoga session for our sculling camps this week and everyone LOVED it - Thanks Jasmine and Active Turtle - I believe the comment at the end was ...."Well, do we look 6" taller?""

Christina - June 17, 2013
Jasmine and Shanna Thank you for the great program, the residents really enjoyed it. Christina Rochette,Activities Manager, The Pines LTC Home

Terry McKay - May 15, 2013
What a great couple months of Zumba. I just feel so amazing after that class! Thanks to Jasmine Arney

Casey Erin Wood - May 14, 2013
gratitude365 - today I am grateful for people sharing their knowledge and sense of fun, thanks Jasmine Arney for another great Zumba session.

Diana Trusler - February 2, 2013
Next Sunday, Jazz has offered to do a class on the beach here at The Breakers. Florida! How does 9:30 suit your schedules? Most of you already know Jazz from a few years ago. She is a very dear friend of our daughter Shana and like one of our own. She also happens to be my yoga and Zumba instructor back home. She and her five year old son Indio, are arriving next Friday for the week. As a way to say thanks, she will do a class for us. Love that girl! :-)

Tanya - January 25, 2013
Awesome night at yoga with the ever inspiring and great instructor Jasmine Arney :) ( So intimate) I could NOT find YOGA anywhere in the world like this. Tonights Body was the 8th Body- The Life Force- Energy, breath, healing power, the executive mind, consequences and finances (Y) Grrreat stuff! Topped off my evening with a registration with the Elite CN Power Derby Training Camp and now it's time to rest :)) Sweet Dreams

Nancy - October 18, 2012
Yes, our retreat was wonderful. Every one commented on how much they enjoyed the experience of kundalini yoga - they could feel the energy flow/releases - and what a wonderful teacher you are. I agree :) Thank you for sharing your gifts and making the difference that you do.

Martine - September 18, 2012
I just wanted to say thank you for the great classes this summer. I really enjoyed myself and it was a great mini escape. I was sorry I did not get to a few more classes near the end of the summer as planned but such is life. I look forward to some classes next summer

Jo-Anne - July 19, 2012
"Hey Jasmine, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the sound of your voice during yoga soothing. And then there's how encouraging. Love how you remind me it's my practice and that my body may be in a different place on any given day. Helpful. Miss when I can't get to class. And then there's your Zumba energy. Love that too. Gosh we're so-o-o lucky to have you here in Bala. Thanks!! :)"

Sandra and Ralph from Holland - June 21, 2012
We, Sandra and Ralph, travelling from Holland had our first EVER lesson of Yoga on the 20th of June, 2012. We enjoyed our lesson. Jazz was very enthusiastic and helpful.She did a good lesson for a starter, but also for more experienced people.We think it was good for our whole body. We are happy we did this with Diana. Greetings, Ralph and Sandra

S. Baptista - June 5, 2012
Jazz continues to inspire and challenge me both on and off the mat. Her commitment to her students and what each of us needs on any given day-whether we are beginners or more experienced-is so intuitive, helpful and most appreciated. Jasmine is a natural teacher. Thank goodness she is in Muskoka.

Corrie - June 5, 2011
A fantastic instructor and an even better friend. Jasmine always knows what each student needs in order to get the most from thier practice. I look forward to each and every class!

Susan Tremaine - January 9, 2011
The best yoga teacher ever. I can hardly wait to get back to Muskoka so i can sign up for the summer. Jasmine is smart, intuitive, and serene. her yoga classes are for everyone, with some challenges and restoration. Always a pleasure.

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