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  Outdoor Thanksgiving Yoga in G-Bay
October 13, 2013

That time of year again. I am working on my gratitude list. 

Every year at Thanksgiving, many families offer gratitude among themselves. Sitting around a plump turkey or avacado version of one, relatives give thanks for comfort, for joy, and for each other. (that too can be challenging and one more reason to do yoga) This year our practice will reach outside the studio into the great expanse of Georgian Bay, where I met a tribe of yogi's every Saturday in the Summer. But why do we retreat indoors to show our thanks. Part of our practice is evolving, trying new things and learning courage. Courage is to acknowledge that it may be difficult and do it anyway! 

When it is raining it isn't a bad day, it is just a wet day, be grateful.

When there is fresh air to breathe and you have comfy clothes to choose from, be grateful. More than likely you have more than enough food to eat, be grateful.

Get outside.. rain or shine! Stretch your shell! Honor all that is beautiful and amazing on this land, in yourself and each other.

I will see you Sunday morning at 10:00am on the Deck at Moon River Marina at the end of Healey Lake Rd., past Mactier.

In the meantime create a gratidtude list.

And.... Please sponsor my quest to provide allergy free/gluten free food to the families of Muskoka. Cash or non-perishable goods can be received at any Active Turtle class

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