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1009 Burgess Avenue • Bala • Call: (705) 641-0513
Summer Studio: 3145 Hwy 169 Bala Ontario Unit 2
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  New Pre/Post Natal 8 week class
April 27, 2013

Celebrate your changing bodies and connect with your growing baby with a class dedicated to soon to be mothers and recent mothers. This is your tribe! Specifically for expecting and mothers with children up to age 2.5ish.

Through prenatal yoga, a pregnant women learns to listen to her body and treat it gently. She learns to respect her body's strength and resilience. She learns to relax and breather and quiet her mind, important skills for coping with the stress and sleeplessness of pregnancy and parenting.

For a woman who has been very active and fit before pregnant, prenatal yoga may not feel strenuous enough in the first and second trimester An active woman with a low-risk pregnancy is encouraged to maintain her usual activities as long as she can through her pregnancy. But even a very fit woman will find, sometime around her 6th or 7th month, that she is feeling a little heavy and a little slow, and that a more relaxing form of exercise would be welcome.

Post natal yoga will guide you through post-partum recovery and also give you an opportunity to bond with your child and other mothers on their journey. Through support we flourish.

You can join at any stage in your pregnancy and no previous yoga experience is necessary. Please be sure to discuss any concerns or contraindications with your teacher. Please bring any favorite toys or nut free snacks for your attending child

Jasmine completed her pre and post natal training at Yoga Sanctuary. For those of you who remember she also taught through her whole pregnancy and returned to work three days after Indio was born.

8 week session is $85.00 and includes h.s.t Drop in is $15.00 Please register as space is limited.

Check schedule for current session.  2013-May


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