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1009 Burgess Avenue • Bala • Call: (705) 641-0513
Summer Studio: 3145 Hwy 169 Bala Ontario Unit 2
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  Yoga Flash Mob at Cranberry
October 9, 2012

You know you love it. So share your practice for a few moments, with your community.
Jasmine will roll out a mat on Sunday at 10:00 am in front of the Bala Community Centre, on Maple Street. Join in for some awakening gentle salutes, a moment in family tree pose and a seated, giant OM for Peace.
  • Flow: Hands to heart. 
  • Side bend right Side Bend left.
  • Inhale hands up
  • Exhale Fold
  • Inhale flat back
  • Exhale  step or jump back to DD
  • Inhale Plank (modified)
  • Exhale lower
  • Inhale Cobra or Updog
  • Exhale DD
  • Inhale, Exhale
  • Inhale step or jump forward
  • Exhale Surrender Fold
  • Inhale rise up, look up, fill up.
  • Exhale hands to heart.
  • Repeat!

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