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  Allergy Free Food Drive
September 14, 2012

Karma Yoga Supporting The West Muskoka Food Bank located at 3852 Muskoka Rd. 169 (Just North of Mortimers Point Rd.) Glen Orchard.


Active Turtle will be holding a Food Drive the week of October 1 to 5th  to fill the FOOD SENSITIVITY SHELF.

In exchange for a yoga class you have the option of bringing in an/some allergy free food item(s).


Dairy Free   Wheat Free  Casein Free  Nut Free   Soy Free   Yeast Free and more

Donations will be accepted all year and promptly forwarded to the FOOD SENSITIVITY SHELF.


Celiac disease is one of the most common chronic health disorders.  Food allergies and sensitivities are experienced by roughly 75% of our population.  It is unfortunate to be hungry, so hungry you will eat anything. Compromising your immune system, creating a stiff body, upset stomach, headaches, mood swings, diarrhea etc. 

Here is a story: "I remember talking to a mother who had a sick 7 year old who had Celiac Disease. The exasperated mom said she had to choose between feeding her whole family or just feeding her sick daughter the very expensive gluten free food she could find. The distraught mother said, referring to her celiac daughter, "She’s just going to have to live with diarrhea.” — Dee Valdez, Gluten Free Food Bank Organizer and Gluten Free Advocate. Interview

Let's all be healthy!

To contact the West Muskoka Food Bank directly: On the 2nd & 4th Friday of the month from 9am-11am or for more information call 705-765-7180 or 705-765-1706 or Active Turtle.

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