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1009 Burgess Avenue • Bala • Call: (705) 641-0513
Summer Studio: 3145 Hwy 169 Bala Ontario Unit 2
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  Kundalini Yoga
Instructor: Jasmine Arney
Max Class Size: 15

Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that awakens awareness. 

It uses sets of yogic postures and movements (asana) with meditative focus, breath work (pranayama), and chanting (mantra). In addition to strengthening the health and well-being of the physical body, it is very useful for emotional balance, mental clarity, stress relief, and personal transformation.

Kundalini Yoga is the original and most powerful system of yoga. It can be practiced by anyone if it is done according to instructions and within the tradition in which it was originally taught. 

The word "Kundalini" means awareness. In yogic tradition, Kundalini is the latent spiritual energy at the base of the spine within every person that can be awakened by the practice of yoga. 

Kundalini Yoga of Sound classes use mantra, movement, meditation, and music to produce transformation and relaxation. A meditation or movement with mantra is also part of the class. Every class ends with the yoga anthem "The Long Time Sun".

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga are:
Strengthens the nervous system 
Balances Emotions 
Reduces stress 
Promotes a sense of awareness 
Increases energy level 
Brings clarity to the mind 
Encourages sense of peace 
Increases lung capacity 
Strengthens the immune system 
Encourages personal transformation and growth 
Orients consciousness to create happiness and health

Yoga Class Rates

Drop in rate $17.00
Buy a 6 class pass $85.00
Buy a 12 class pass $150.00
3 month unlimited $400.00

All passes include HST

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